Statement from Rep. Kevin Parker on the governor’s state of the state address

6th District lawmaker says Legislature should set budget priorities, focus on the economy


Governor Chris Gregoire delivered her state of the state address to the Washington State Legislature this morning. A transcript of her speech can be found here. Rep. Kevin Parker, R-Spokane, released the following statement in response to the governor’s address:

“I appreciate the governor coming before the Legislature to share her views on the state. One thing that stood out to me was her acknowledgment that her state sales tax increase was regressive, but that cuts in education would be even more regressive. We don’t have to go down either path if we simply prioritize education, public safety and our most vulnerable. We should fund these priorities first – not cut them and expect voters to increase taxes to buy them back.

“The governor also talked about ‘winning in the turn’ – a racing analogy. But her definition of winning includes taxing families and businesses more while they are ‘in the turn’ and least able to afford it. We should be making it easier to pay the bills and create jobs, not harder through more taxation. As the governor turns to more taxes, our new direction should be more jobs. If we can strengthen our economy and create jobs, it will help with tax collections and funding our state’s priorities.

“The governor continues to offer us the same speeches and talking points each year, resulting in the same outcomes. In 2005, the governor vowed to ‘blow past the bureaucracy.’ Yet, last year more than 1,400 new permanent rules were adopted in our state and nearly 2,700 rules were amended. Many of the governor’s plans haven’t worked, and I don’t see them working as we move forward.”

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