Two bills sponsored by Rep. Kevin Parker signed into law

Measures focus on jobs and public safety


Two pieces of legislation prime sponsored by Rep. Kevin Parker were signed into law by the governor today.

The first measure would support private-sector jobs and save state tax dollars. House Bill 1663 will remove higher education institutions from the requirement to seek an exemption from the state Office of Financial Management with regards to purchasing from the state Department of Corrections. This means state colleges and universities will not have to purchase furniture from correctional industries.

“This measure will support more than 500 private-sector jobs and save the state money in the process. It’s good for our economy and our state budget,” said Parker, R-Spokane. “The legislation is the result of a collaborative process between business owners in Spokane and around the state, colleges and universities, and correctional industries.”

House Bill 1473 will allow fees collected for attending a traffic school provided by a city, town or county that are in excess of the cost of providing the traffic school to be used for safe-driving materials and programs, safe-driving promotions and advertising, and law enforcement training. It will also limit the fee charged for traffic schools to the amount of the penalty for an unscheduled traffic infraction.

“House Bill 1473 is about public safety and providing more options and funding for our local law enforcement officials,” said Parker. “The bill will provide more flexibility to the city of Spokane and other jurisdictions that operate traffic schools.”

The 2011 regular legislative session ended on April 22. A special session was called April 26 to address the state operating and capital budgets.

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