Rep. Kevin Parker’s statement on today’s budget-related vote on House Bill 1086

6th District lawmaker votes against legislation today, for alternative solution on Jan. 24

The current two-year state operating budget, which runs through June 30, is facing a $600 million shortfall. Engrossed Substitute House Bill 1086, which passed out of the state House and state Senate today, attempts to reduce this deficit by more than $367 million. This action would still leave a sizeable spending gap that could grow even larger based on the state’s March revenue forecast. Rep. Kevin Parker, R-Spokane, voted against the legislation today, and voted for an alternative budget solution on Jan. 24. His statement from today is below, and his previous statement can be found here.

“We have states around the country that are preparing for tomorrow, while our state struggles with budget decisions of the past. Today’s bill is too little, too late, and leaves our budget structurally unsound. It also lacks the substantive reforms needed for our state to move forward and be successful in the future. We can’t continue to go down the same road and expect a different result.

“It’s critical that educators know we believe education is important, yet this bill makes deep and retroactive cuts to our schools. Asking for money back from our schools is the wrong approach and wrong message to send. The Legislature needs to take a stand and show that education is the ‘paramount duty’ — today and into the future. This bill doesn’t make education a priority.

“Our state must be poised and ready to come out of this economic downturn. We had an opportunity today to bring about change in state government, foster innovation and put our state back on track. This budget simply fails to accomplish these goals.”

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