Parker supports education reform proposal


Rep. Kevin Parker, R-Spokane, today voted ‘yes’ on a measure to move forward with the work of the Basic Education Finance Task Force.

House Bill 2261 would provide revised definitions of basic education and put forth a framework for future education funding.

Parker noted this is the most comprehensive education reform in 30 years.

“This is the time to change the lives of our students, and in turn, our economy and communities. Right now, our schools are unable to pay for transportation, special education and substitute teachers with the current state funding formulas,” Parker said. “How we’re funding education at the state level has failed our schools, teachers, students and communities.”

Parker noted House Republicans offered an amendment that would require the Legislature to fund education first in its budgeting process, but the amendment failed.

“The only thing the state constitution requires us to fund is education for our children,” Parker said. “We have an opportunity this year to really change our education system and re-create the learning environment for our children.”

The 6th District legislator said he was pleased to see legislation pass the House to address education funding.

“This proposal would hold the Legislature responsible for doing more to advance the future of our students and break the cycle of poverty,” Parker said. “Spokane is incredibly enthusiastic and supportive of education – in fact we just passed another levy. If the state does its duty to fully fund and really prioritize education, it will mean fewer levies and lower property taxes for working families.”

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