Parker’s proposal to give tax credit for movies filmed in Washington passed by House

The House of Representatives last night approved a measure co-sponsored by Rep. Kevin Parker, R-Spokane, to encourage film production within Washington state.

House Bill 2042 would increase allowed funding assistance by private businesses to motion picture production companies from 20 percent to 30 percent of the company’s total investment in the state.

Since 2007, more than $16 million has been spent within Washington because of film production within the state.

“Just this morning, we heard that a location in Southwest Washington had been passed up for a movie production in favor of a site in Canada, where they have better incentives,” Parker said. “This bill is potentially a great economic stimulus for our local economy. I am happy to support tourism and the creation of jobs in our state, especially when it has little or no cost to our state’s budget.”

The motion picture competitiveness program was established by the Legislature in 2006 to compete with other states and countries for the community and economic benefits received from a movie being filmed in Washington. The program allows businesses to receive a business and occupation tax credit for contributing to motion picture companies directly or through non-profit organizations.

“About three years ago, a scene from a movie – “Home of the Brave” – was filmed at one of the coffee shops I own,” Parker said. “I know firsthand the community and economic benefits from movies being filmed in Washington.”

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Washington State House Republican Communications