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Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I hope you enjoyed your Fourth of July Holiday. It is a huge blessing to be back at home in Spokane and have the opportunity to take some time to be with my family.

In Remembrance:clip_image002

On June 30th, we lost a hero, a friend of the community, and a family man in firefighter John Knighten. John’s funeral service was incredibly moving; it not only showcased the enormous love and support that this community had for him, but also the deep love that John had for his family.

It was a reminder to everyone in attendance that our families take precedence above all else. John left behind a wife and three little girls, who are, undoubtedly, proud of their beloved father, who served his community honorably.

On July 3rd I spoke at a memorial service for my good friend Mike Rawles. Mike was both an activist and community leader, who also happened to be homeless and living on the street. I had the pleasure of knowing Mike for seven years, and in that time, he brought to my attention what the homeless community faces every day.

I will remember Mike as a passionate and caring individual who was able to engage multiple communities, build collaboration and to work together to improve the lives of the most vulnerable. He was a great man and will be dearly missed.

Quick correction from a previous newsletter:

The word “adjunct” was inadvertently left off when the June 26th newsletter in reference to my teaching position. To clarify, I am an adjunct instructor at Whitworth University and I teach four classes: Economics, Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management and Adaptive & Servant leadership.

It is an honor to serve you. Please stay in touch this summer if I can ever be of help.


Kevin Parker

State Representative Kevin Parker, 6th Legislative District
421 John L. O'Brien Building | P.O. Box 40600 | Olympia, WA 98504-0600
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