Statement from Rep. Kevin Parker on his state budget vote today

Legislature concludes one-day special session to address $1.1 billion budget shortfall

“This is the first in a line of difficult budget decisions for state lawmakers, but I’m confident the decisions made the last two days will benefit the state’s finances for the next two years. We must pour the foundation for responsible state spending now and build upon it based on priorities. I see these priorities as being education, public safety and helping our most vulnerable citizens.

“We must also focus on the revenue side of the budget equation, which means strengthening our economy. The more jobs we create, the more money the state brings in to fund its priorities. I will continue to provide solutions that ease burdens on our employers and help to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit.

“I’ve seen bipartisanship in this special session and this collaboration must continue as we address our state’s challenges in the 2011 legislative session.”

Rep. Kevin Parker, R-Spokane —

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