Parker amends tax bill to ensure lodging taxes are used for tourism


The House of Representatives today passed a bill concerning local tax provisions for cities and counties. House Bill 3179 would change authorization and provisions for local taxes.

Rep. Kevin Parker, R-Spokane, attached an amendment to ensure local hotel-motel taxes are used directly for tourism projects.

Parker has been working on the amendment to the bill with hotel groups and the Greater Spokane Incorporated.

“They were concerned if the tax was expanded as was originally proposed in the bill, less money would be spent on attracting visitors to Spokane and other cities,” Parker said. “Using this tax for its original intent ensures we can continue to bring activities such as the U.S. Figure Skating Championships to Spokane.”

The 6th District lawmaker serves on the Community and Economic Development and Trade Committee. He said the direct and indirect gain to Spokane from the skating competition was nearly $27 million.

“It’s important as Spokane comes back to life and works to attract tourism and new business that lodging taxes be used to continue the resurgence of visitors and new people to the area,” Parker said.

The bill passed the House 51-47 and now goes to the Senate for further consideration.


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