Parker responds to governor’s budget proposal

Sixth District lawmaker says “This budgeting approach is not efficient, nor is it sustainable”


Rep. Kevin Parker, R-Spokane, released this statement following the governor’s budget proposal:

“There are currently more than 330,000 unemployed Washingtonians who desperately want a job. There are positive signs we are beginning an economic recovery, but it will take time before significant job growth is realized. We need to shift our focus in the Legislature to revitalizing Washington’s economy by ensuring the jobs we have and attracting new investment. It’s important that we be a state that attracts business, not chases it away.

“Our state will see the light at the end of the tunnel before other states, mainly because of the synchronized global recovery as a result of imports and exports. Washington is the number one trade state in the country, giving us a strategic edge over our counterparts. Government must find ways to help, not harm, our economic climate. Proposals to increase workers compensation and enact additional agency rules only inhibit employers’ ability to provide and retain jobs.

“Last year, on top of cuts, the majority voted to use one-time money in reserves, budget transfers, and federal stimulus money to close 54 percent of the $9 billion shortfall. This year, the state once again is leaning on closing nearly 35 percent of the current gap of $2.6 billion with budget transfers and reserves. My concern remains that this budgeting approach is not efficient, nor is it sustainable. The economy grows when people have money in their pockets, not in the government coffers.”

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Washington State House Republican Communications