Parker pleased at passage of veterans’ burial bill

The House of Representatives today unanimously approved Senate Bill 5481 regarding veterans’ remains. Rep. Kevin Parker, R-Spokane, sponsor of the House version, worked to push the policy in the House and Senate.

The bill would allow the unclaimed remains of veterans to be transferred from cemeteries to the Department of Veterans Affairs. It would also provide liability protection for those who are transferring the remains to a veterans’ cemetery.

“This bill is about honoring those who have honored us,” Parker said. “It’s significant for me because my grandfather fueled the Navy ships in Pearl Harbor, my father served in the Army in France, and my cousin in the Army just returned from Iraq.”

The 6th District lawmaker introduced the House Bill 1001 even before he was sworn in and before the Legislature convened in January.

“This is a simple bill with profound meaning, providing veterans the honor they deserve even after they have passed on,” Parker said. “I’m pleased the Legislature has deemed this bill worthy of law.”

The bill now goes to the governor for her signature.

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Washington State House Republican Communications