Concerns over local control prompt Parker to vote against Growth Management Board bill

Legislation did not ensure people from affected districts make decisions


Rep. Kevin Parker, R-Spokane, today voted against House Bill 1079, citing his concern that the measure would allow out-of-district appointees to influence decisions of Spokane’s Growth Management Board.

House Bill 1079 would allow Growth Management Boards the ability to invite or appoint a member from a different board to participate in a decision when they are short a member.

“I understand that sometimes urgent decisions by a Growth Management Board need to be made, but I would prefer that the debate and deliberation on the issues are done by local community members,” Parker said. “My concern is someone from Western Washington would be appointed to fill in for a Spokane board member. The substitute member simply may not understand the unique needs of our district. Local folks should make local decisions.”

Parker added that he understands the intent of the legislation, but felt the bill could have included language to ensure any appointee or substitute board member is from the district for which the decisions are being made.

“People who know what’s best for Eastern Washington are the people who live in Eastern Washington,” Parker said.

The bill passed the House and will be transmitted to the Senate for further consideration.

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Washington State House Republican Communications