Parker asks salary commission to reject pay raise


Rep. Kevin Parker, R-Spokane, testified to the  Washington Citizens’ Commission on Salaries for Elected Officials today, asking it not to adopt a raise in pay for elected officials.

“When Washington families are expected to do more with less, so should public officials,” Parker said. “We should not add to the problem. We should be a start to the solution.”

Parker said he made an earlier decision that, if elected, he would not accept a pay raise.

A commission member asked about his response to the argument that candidates may decide not to run in part because of the compensation.

“The Legislature was designed to have working citizens as representatives to the people,” Parker said. “We want people who are more dedicated to the cause than the paycheck.”

The commission is taking public testimony through May 19 on the pay schedule for statewide elected officials. It is also scheduling public meetings throughout the state, with the closest meeting to Spokane being held in Richland on April 23.

“I encourage citizens to give their input on this,” Parker said. “I believe the commission should hear from the taxpayers of this state.”

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